Mindfulmess – Higher Ground East – Art Base – 3K


Rich Batsford – Mindfulmess

Mindfulmess is by but also about Rich Batsford’s journey through life in the search of mindfulness and as Rich says ‘inspired by tales of love, loss, friendship, freedom and the search for a meaningful, authentic  life in the modern world” with all but one piece composed by Rich.

From the UK, Rich, who has been living in Adelaide for the last few months in the lead up to the Fringe, plays the piano and the vocals for the pieces from this his new album, Mindfulmess. This collection of both instrumental as well as vocal songs, presents a mix of well balanced energy and serenity and described as meditative piano music for creating a haven for tranquillity and mellow reflection by the artist.

Certainly an emotion stimulating performance for those who want to be taken on a reflective journey. Additional points have to be given for the artist performing without weaver through the incredibly heat at this pop up venue.

Kryztoff Rating   3K

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