Neon Bogart – Higher Ground East – Art Base – 1K

Neon Bogart is a great concept about future noir sounds to transport the audience into an underworld of Jazz-cabaret. Hitherto the delivery lets this 2 person band somewhat down. Sure some of the pieces hit the spot and now and then the sound created is harmonious. But a lot of the sounds let this trying performance down with the audience probably wishing to be in outer space. Not helping are some cabling issues which cause a constant hiss not a fault of the performers. Biggest let down is the volume of the vocals which manages to drown out the instruments which may be something the audio technician at the mixing table may want to consider adjusting before it drives the audience out.

A unique concept that certainly has a place with some creative lighting and doesn’t fall over for lack of energy and effort by the performers but does lack an amount of refinement.

Kryztoff Rating   1K

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