FRINGE 2016: Aerial – 4.5K

By Anthony Nguyen

10393_Aerial-Image_EFUL_GUIDEIt is without a doubt that circus shows are hugely popular at the Adelaide Fringe every year, and Aerial is one of the acts that does not fail to impress. As the title would suggest, Aerial essentially features airborne stunts and acrobatics, particularly with aerial silk.

Presented by the local talents of Aerial Artists Adelaide, the show displays spectacular set performances using a wide range of aerial apparatuses including silks, rope, nets and poles. Additionally, the show displays lively acrobatic performances from a contortionist and trapeze acrobats. Contrasting to this, the show also consisted of a comedic storyline between two hilarious characters, Disco and Jenny, which added a bit of a change in pace.

The many performers of Aerial successfully demonstrate the elegance and nimbleness of aerial acrobatics through their perfectly synchronised execution. A notable highlight of the show was a mesmerizing aerial silk routine that was accompanied by a separate live musical performance of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good, effectively displaying the different variety of talents during the show.

It is also to be noted that the backing tracks during the sets were well selected and implemented, really assisting in setting the tone of the performances and really getting the crowd immersed into the routine. Some technical difficulties were had during the show when the audio suddenly cut off for almost two minutes; however the artists retained their professionalism and unaffectedly continued the show and amazed the audience.

With a haunting yet powerful finale performance, Aerial is a show that truly inspires with the grace of its performers and the beauty of aerial manoeuvres. Highlighting amazing local Adelaide talent, Aerial is not a show to be missed and continues its run with its last show on February 28th located in The Octagon at Gluttony.

Kryztoff Rating: 4.5K

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