COMEDY – Australia: A Whinging Pom’s Guide – PJ O’Brien’s – 3.5K

Daniel Willis is a whinging pom and proud of it. On the balcony of PJ O’Brien’s on cheapo Tuesday, Willis entertained a charming crowd of 14 people. The size of the crowd did not phase this seasoned comedian, as he took the time to shake the hands of his audience members, say hello, and genuinely ask them about themselves. Willis then proceeded to cater his material to his audience, and seemed to include every audience member at some point during the show.


Although the coarse language warning is categorised as “mild,” Willis managed to use almost every profane word that could come to mind. It must be noted that he seems to be excellent at reading his audience, and it is likely he would not walk that line if his audience did not respond.


While the show’s title implies a sarcastic, disparaging tone, Willis’ style is surprisingly light-hearted. It is clear he loves Australia and the people in it, and those who love dark, sarcastic humour might be a little disappointed. However, the show is excellent for those looking for something a little bit upbeat. In fact, PJ O’Brien’s pub atmosphere seems to be the perfect setting for his style of comedy – genuine, friendly and full of pub-style anecdotes.


Check out this genuine, friendly comedian at PJ O’Brien’s almost every night until March 18.

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