FRINGE 2017 – Comfort Food Cabaret – Adelaide Central Market – 4K


You’ve heard of dinner and a show, but what happens when dinner is the show? Comfort Food Cabaret is new to the Adelaide Fringe this year and it has certainly brought life to the Market Kitchen at Adelaide Central Markets.


The evening was full of surprises, with artist Michelle Pearson singing, cooking and storytelling with keyboard and bass guitar accompaniments. Pearson’s performance found a good balance between chatting and singing, and often used the music to emphasise points in her story. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself laughing out loud at times, as her personality and charm shone through in her performances and interactions with her audience.


During the show, Pearson sets out to cook a three-course meal. So in addition to being entertained and fed, the audience is taught three new dishes they could try at home. It is perhaps a compliment that “not enough food” is my major complaint. Pearson’s dishes were rich and full of flavour, and I found myself scraping the plate with my plastic fork to enjoy every last morsel of the samples provided. With ticket prices ranging from a reasonable $38-$45 for a 75 minute show, it is not surprising that you only receive a taste of each dish, rather than an entire meal to yourself. Although, honestly I would not mind paying more in the future if it means getting a full dish to myself.


Comfort Food Cabaret is the perfect example of how your unique talents and passions can be combined to create something fresh and exciting. The show was thoroughly enjoyable, and this kind of innovation is what makes the Adelaide Fringe exciting. Comfort Food Cabaret is a must for foodies and music lovers alike.

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