Charming performance of a modern fable based on an ancient Greek myth.

This is the story of Scylla/ Cilla/ Sid, the untwinned resident of Naiad Bay, an insomniac worker in a chip shop devoid of fish.  We hear of monsters, raspberries, messages in bottles, and mysterious lighthouse keepers.  And of Sid’s eventual discovery/ losing of herself in the dark blue sea.

Featuring poetic storytelling and live musical accompaniment, and with humour, warmth and clever improvisation, the show held the audience’s attention from beginning to end.  Almost a monologue, simple props and the microphone were employed to great effect in the narration and the portrayal of the different characters.

Night Creature is presented by Joanne Hartstone and Lion House Theatre from the UK. Appearing at the Noel Lothian Hall in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens until 5th March 2017.

Kryztoff Rating 4.5K

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