FRINGE 2017 – 2nd National Maestro Impro Games – Live on 5, Adelaide Oval – 4K

A regular contributor on the Adelaide comedy and theatre circuit, On the Fly Impro’s latest offering, the 2nd National Maestro Impro Games, follows on – somewhat logically – from 2016’s inaugural Games. Self-described as the “Hunger Games” approach towards finding Australia’s best improv artiste (at least, amongst those present in the room at the time of the show), the concept is simple – more than a dozen actors enter the arena, armed with not even a script, and are required to compete in a variety of completely improvised scenes as their numbers are whittled down through audience voting until only the one true winner remains. The background and circumstances to each scene are provided by two directors, also part of the comedy troupe, and audience suggestions.

Improv is generally one of the most entertaining forms of live entertainment, and observing these very talented – and brave! – actors is often hilarious and always impressive. The only downside of the voting format is that occasionally weaker players are boosted by other players in their skits, and remain part of the competition for longer than other, stronger players, who in turn are eliminated much too early.

You may not know exactly what format your evening will take, but you can guarantee that you will laugh out loud, cringe and sit on the edge of your seat during this show.




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