FRINGE 2017 – 80s Kid’s Disco – Royal Croquet Club – 4K

The title of this show is pretty gosh-darn self-explanatory: a disco, for kids, set to 80s music. Bam. That’s exactly what’s offered, and exactly what is delivered by Austrian DJ Peter Baecker.

Armed with hundreds of balloons (reminiscent of the iconic 80s peace ballad 99 Luftballons) and a vast array of era-appropriate wigs, costumes and other props for all attendees to go nuts with, this free-form dance show is great fun for young kids and *ahem* slightly older parents who may or may not remember the 80s in all their glory to groove along to.

My only complaint? 45 minutes is far too short. This show could easily have gone at least twice as long.

It may have been good to leave the 80s fashion behind in the Ukiyo tent, but walking away from the show was definitely disappointing. Warning – be prepared to explain what a cassette is in the car on the way home.


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