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FRINGE 2016: Mustardseed – 4.5K

By Amy Nancarrow. If you were to search the comedy section of the Fringe guide, you’d be hard pressed to find a show more original in its concept than Ryan Good’s hour-long bedtime story, Mustardseed. Set in the fantastic Tuxedo Cat venue, Mustardseed sets the audience up with beanbags and pillows whilst Good regales them …

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FRINGE 2016: Cosmonaut – 4.5K

By Amy Nancarrow. US Comedian Ryan Good promises at the beginning of Cosmonaut that the hour-long show will be a journey; to this end, he’s absolutely right. Appearing on stage in a silver jumpsuit and light-up dildo, Cosmonaut is a ridiculously funny journey through Good’s sex life from start to finish. Good works his way through the …

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