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Mark Nadler – Runnin’ Wild

By Heather Jean Moyes Mark Nadler doesn’t just entertain, he grabs your attention. He enters the stage with: eyes that hook right into you, a mock threat in the ever present violin case, a sweeping comic touch in his delivery, a body that articulates emotion, drama and comedy with nuanced as well as larger than …

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5 Step Guide to Being German

by Heather-Jean Moyes Paco Erhard reflects society in all its weird and maybe not so wonderful incarnations. Grit your teeth and take a deep breathe. Clever and crazy these Germans. The rest of the world gets a taste too. It’s fresh, insightful and enlivening even if a little uncomfortable. Go with it and it’s hilarious …

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by Heather-Jean Moyes Wayne Deakin was very good! He played airhost (or cabin crew) to the front two rows! Gave them drinks and all! He really shone as he connected with the audience in ad lib moments. His impromptu comedy was well honed! He relayed stories and jokes about airlines and they were entertaining. However …

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Jonathan Prag – Classical Guitar

by Heather-Jean Moyes An intimate setting and superb classical guitarist, filling the room with music that at times carried me away – a very pleasant opening to the festival. It was the Fringe actually but Friday night was opening night of the festival, I could tell because outside I could here the cars. Inside it …

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Movin’ Melvin Brown – The Ray Charles Experience

by Heather-Jean Moyes Movin’ Melvin Brown – The Ray Charles Experience truly rocks. If you like any of the following: Ray Charles, The Blues Brothers, Gospel, James Brown, Nat King Cole, The Beatles, Sam Cook, Percy Mayfield or soul, blues, or music performed well then you will love this gig. Brown sings like Ray Charles …

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Best of Edinburgh Comedy at PJ O’Briens

By Heather-Jean Moyes It’s a good taster. One hour of the good stuff in a breezy balcony setting and Guinness on tap. The line up included ex-Adelaide stand up Ro Campbell – no punches pulled, Larry Dean – Scotland’s best and the bizarre Foil, Arms and Hog who do absurdly funny physical comedy. R4

Fringe – 2014 Theatresports(TM) Clash of the Theatre Titans Palace Nova

by Heather-Jean Moyes A tight show full of belly laughs, Theatresports Clash of the Theatre Titans showcased the talents of four quick thinking teams. The usual impros, fun games, audience participation (nothing too scary – mainly voting by applauding madly) and the mandatory good and evil (boooo hissss) judges were present. It’s kid friendly and …

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FRINGE – 50 Years of Doctor Who: Preachrs Podcast Live 2! – Box Factory Community Centre

Photo opportunities with bossy ‘walking’ talking Darleks, the Tardis and a Cyberman ensure that you will remember the occasion. 4.5K