Jonathan Prag – Classical Guitar

by Heather-Jean Moyes
An intimate setting and superb classical guitarist, filling the room with music that at times carried me away – a very pleasant opening to the festival. It was the Fringe actually but Friday night was opening night of the festival, I could tell because outside I could here the cars. Inside it was bliss. The whole ‘up close’ thing, a guitar that was alive with warmth and seemingly a part of the musician’s body, and music – it was a privilege to be a part of such a simple and yet exquisite experience. The opening night started with a plaintive George Gershwin Prelude and covered a range of styles from Spanish to Russian, to British contemporary and Classical works each masterfully performed. Some virtuoso dynamics in a Neil Smith Scottish medley, and some moments of toffee flavoured bittersweet brilliance, as a non-Spanish guitarist let loose with a convincing Issac Albeniz – Asturias, and Paco Pena – Herencia Latina were highlights for me. Those and an old favourite Satie tune. A rendition of Matthew Sear’s America ranged through American motifs – Mexican, LA traffic, silent movies and a touch of Zydeco and blues before hitting a hint of New York Klezma all bound together and driving on as Jonathan carried the audience forward with technical brilliance. Finishing with a playful approach to a snazzy Brazilian number, Jonathan left us impressed.
Jonathan Prag – Classical Guitar, is on at the HATs Courthouse on Saturday 1st March, the Church of the Trinity on Sunday 2nd March, The Singing Gallery on Friday 7th March and Ayers House on Sunday 9th March.

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