Rising by Riccardo Barone 

Muscles, they move as quickly as fireworks, telling  tales have never been told by a single voice. The human body completely morphs in another creature revealing stories from remote enchanted places.
Aakash Odedra has been practicing his performance for one year. He is very grateful to Lewis Major, his co-choreographer, who has been invited on the stage at the end of the show, which consisted of four different parts: Nritta (traditional indian music arranged by Aakash Odedra) choreographed by Aakash Odedra, In The Shadow Of Man with music by Jocelyn Pook choreographed by Akram Khan, Cut with music by Andy Cowton choreographed by Russell Maliphant  and lastly Constellation with music by Olga Wojciechowska choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.
Time passes quickly as Odedra’s  lightning body’s movements giving the audience the right dosage of hypnotic adrenaline.
The audience was extremely enthusiastic, mesmerised by the dense energy enveloping the hall.
Aakash Odedra started his career as a child, studying classical ballet.

Kryztoff Rating  5K

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