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The Composer Riccardo Barone has always loved his job, composing every kind and genre of music and for every kind of instrument. It’s clear his love for symphonic music in his three “Scene di guerra” from “Landscapes” album; the electronic “Eterno ritorno” from “Criminal minds” album; the heavy metal “Chopin 2010” from “Omaggi” album; the piano music “La neve incantata” from “Il pianoforte incantato” album. He’s very prolific as far as his works get over 200 compositions. Born in Napoli, Italy, Barone graduated from Conservatorio San Pietro a Majella with a Bachelor Degree in Piano, a diploma in Composition, a Master Degree in Wind Band Conducting and a Master Degree in Composition. Since he was a child he used to show his volcanic fantasy, putting the piano at the centre of his childhood group games, creating imaginary worlds and improvising soundtracks for them. He played by himself till he was 14 years old, when he chose to learn jazz piano and to write music. He privately studied with Emilio Elia just for one year, because the teacher was thinking that it was better for the student that he should study classical music. Barone was very sad for that decision, and during next four years he changed a lot of music teachers because he was never satisfied by their knowledge or behaviour. He needed a hero, someone solid to identify. During that years Barone played a lot with bands every kind of music genre, jazz, blues, heavy metal, psychedelic, experimental, dark, progressive, writing english songs and covering great bands. His interest for theater was growing up in that years, especially for S. Beckett’s works. Barone won a special school prize for his writing “Waiting for Godot Part II”, an hommage to his favourite dramatist. At the age of 18 he finally met his loved piano professor Luigi Averna, which after an admission exam he accepted in his piano classroom at the Conservatory. In that years Barone changed his musical taste, deeply studying ancient music and everything about past music in every country. At the same time his loved composition professor Enrico Renna accepted him in his composition classroom. In that years Barone started to give piano concerts performing his own compositions in most important neapolitan events, like “Maggio dei Monumenti”. In the 2004 he wrote in collaboration with another composer a soundtrack for Susanna Nicchiarelli’s short movie, “Il linguaggio dell’amore”, during a soundtrack composition Master Class with Sergio Miceli (Co-professor with Ennio Morricone at the Accademia Chigiana di Siena) at the “Scuola Nazionale di Cinema” in Rome city. During that wonderful year, Barone won the I prize for his composition “Evasione IV for alto sax and organ” during composition competition Antonio Manoni awarded by jury member L. F. Tagliavini, A. Samorì, M. Mazzoni and A. Gentile. That composition was edited by Berben Editions. His interest for choir was turned on in that years while he was singing in Conservatory’s choir as a bass singer. His first experiences as an events organizer and coordinator was during his presence inside the Conservatory students consult. After a year he resigned from that for “trascendental reasons”; it looked strange for him how his mates should be too much politicals and not at all artists in the majority of topics discussed during their meetings. In the 2005 he published his piano album “Il pianoforte incantato” with Classicaviva Editions, recording five own piano compositions; for the same editions he published the piano score “Golem suite”. A happy, strange and new experience appeared to the young composer; he was hired by a cruiser ship company (MSC) to play music during mediterraneo travels. His improvisations were very appreciated by tourists that always had a good word for him. In the 2010 Barone started to study conducting with his loved professor Paolino Addesso who made him practice a lot with his wind band “Città di Lecce” and playing as a pianist and keyboardist in the Conservatory’s Orchestra. It was in that period that Barone attended a Master Class in conducting held by S. Rosenhaus and K. Collins, practicing with N.A.T.O. Orchestra. In the 2011 Barone created his “Venerdì 17 Orchestra”, performing and conducting only contemporary music of living composers. The most important meetings of that period can be evidenced by his two Master Classes attendance in composition, with the composers Giacomo Manzoni and Pascal Contet. In the 2014 Barone’s planning skills turned on again; he planned, coordinated, taught and played the “Master Class in Bel Canto Italiano” with students of Tajmen Academy of Siberia, Russia, at the Baronian Castle. Recently he performed his piano improvisations for “Piano City Naples” at Palazzo Reale di Napoli, his silent movies piano soundtracks at “Teatro Rostocco” and at “Interiora Horror Festival” at Forte Prenestino in Rome city. From the 2013 Barone is teaching piano and is conducting his childrens choir at the Baronian Castle in Acerra, Napoli and collaborating with primary schools with several projects.

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by Riccardo Barone The Mission Song Project has been performing a collection of Australian folk songs wisely harmonised and arranged by the ensemble accompanied only by a guitar most of the time. Research and ethnomusicology have had a happy result with this performance, as far as the repertoire consists in indigenous music from the 20th …

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by Riccardo Barone Una furtiva lagrima of blood, pizza, spaghetti and buongiorno. The audience found hard to leave the Banquet room still absorbed by the endless, emotional, energetic, hectic flow. Tears are mixing up with laughts; the existential Shakespearean (in)human condition of Nosferatu is touching everyone’s heart, feeling heaps of pity for his traumatic childhood, …

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by Riccardo Barone Total eclipse of the heart… just because a partial one is not enough! Sunglasses at night, an iconic song just to describe a past generation made up with heartaches, hangovery headaches, stories of everyday life that sucks more and more, sadness as a life-pose and success as time line life crescendo (from …

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by Riccardo Barone 50 shades of opera is the truth! Erotism, passion, fire, seduction are hidden in the opera libretto, here showed and wisely enhanced by the duo Antoniette Halloran/Patrick Lawrence. Their catchy cabaret interacts with the audience and steals many tears because the moving interpretation of classics from “Send in the clowns” to “Quando …

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by Riccardo Barone “It’s so quiet here in Adelaide, isn’t it?” It could be quite quiet, but the audience needs to find quietly, peacefully the right connection with the Artist on the stage. A well refined country blues atmosphere, a warm nostalgic voice coming from the past accompanied by her acoustic guitar, bass, another guitar, …

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by Riccardo Barone What happens if Cher would consider having a try on Barbara Streisand’s one? How would it sound like if Whitney Houston starts to sing Celine Dion? Christina Bianco’s voice is extremely flexible, in a continuous metamorphosis, a firework with a noticeable virtuosity which states “We are our past heroes”. It is impossible …

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by Riccardo Barone Four motorbikes, like imprisoned bumblebees trying really hard to escape from the humongous caged up sphere, have shocked the audience. Is today a good day to die walking inside/outside (even backwards) of a huge rotating spinning wheel (even blind folded) challenged by gravity and weight? If that’s not good enough for you …

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by Riccardo Barone What happens if the scenography gets involved and starts to dance and to move in a piece of contemporary dance? The sculptural objects were made of crimped paper which were able to be squeezed in and out and turn into different figures and shapes, constantly changing the scenario and the environment. Occasionally …

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by Riccardo Barone Can the clitoris save humanity? Ava Bogle, writer, actor, filmmaker, comedian and sex blogger based in LA, writes and perform this hilarious show interpreting six different characters who alternate on the stage. Six women from outher space on a mission: clitoris, this unknown, is the key (from the Greek κλείς – key) to …

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FRINGE 2018 – EMMA PASK – 3.5K


by Riccardo Barone The elegant Fortuna Spiegeltent is quite full of enthusiastic fans and friends that don’t dislike a little bit of Emma Pask’s talk between a song and another one, overall about her husband from Uruguay. Songs are standards evergreen, from Quizás quizás quizás to Beatles passing through Mas que nada, interpreted by the …

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