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scaled_scale_YummyBy Belle Dunning

YUMMY is a self-described powerhouse combination of ‘drag, dance, circus and music’, and it doesn’t disappoint. From the show’s opening number, the seven-strong cast delivers a high-energy program of provocative dance, catchy sex-pop and quirky personas that keeps the audience hooked.

Led by a vivacious host, Karen From Finance, the show features Valerie Hex, Jandruze, Beni Lola, Hannie Helsden, Benjamin Hancock and Joni in the Moon — a cast as eclectic as their names. Together they dance, mime and gyrate their way through a diverse program of solo, pair and group numbers to suit all musical tastes — including everything from pounding electronic, 1960s pop, ethereal jazz, to an ABBA / Rihanna mash-up.

The driving bass behind all of the pieces will have your chest pounding, while each of the performers takes over the stage to show off their particular talents. Twerking, life-sized sandwich-making, stick-on lips and tongues, and bizarre animal masks all await. Hannie Helsden’s hula-hooping and Joni in the Moon’s stunning vocals are particularly mesmerising, but the execution of director James Welsby’s striking choreography by all is impressive.

The show filled up fast on opening night, so arrive early to secure a good seat, otherwise you will miss some of the down-on-the-stage action. Be prepared for a little audience participation, although nothing over the top.

YUMMY is a modern drag show for the adventurous fringe-goer. Its extravagant costumes, fun characters and perfectly choreographed, provocative dance hits will leave you mesmerised and wanting more. YUMMY runs for another two weeks at The Garden of Unearthly Delights until Sunday 4th March.

Kryztoff Rating 4K

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