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Mar 11

FRINGE 2017: Scientology: The Musical – Warehouse at The Producers – 5K


By Tom Eckert From the creators of Abbott! The Musical, George Glass bring a new absurdist rock musical destined to inspire the same level of following as the name sake of their show show at its peak. Intelligent and satirical, Scientology: The Musical is characterised by songs that subvert Broadway to T.S. Eliot and manage …

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Mar 09

FRINGE 2017: Barbu Electro Trad Cabaret – The Peacock – Gluttony – 4K


By Tom Eckert Barbu, hailing from Montreal brings a novel twist on the typically ‘1920s chic’ acrobatics heavy cabaret we see at the Fringe. Barbu mashes together elements of electro trad music with a distinct folky twist, carnival and unabashed machismo all with a slice of camp humour. Focusing very much on feats of strength …

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Mar 02


Sound and Fury members Maritzer, Hercamp and Aussie Adamczak calmly stood in front of their audience at the Tandanya Arts Cafe, waiting for late-comers, assuring each audience member that “this isn’t a part of the show”. Yet it was! Cracking jokes, improvising and remaining confident at what would usually be an awkward time in a …

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Mar 02

FRINGE 2017: YouTunes – The Pocket – Stirling Fringe – 5K


By Tom Eckert On a pleasant hills summer evening you are treated to a venue that wouldn’t be out of place in a Brooklyn basement. All dark hangings, blue and red light and a smoke machine it is minimalist and intimate, never being more than three metres from the back of the stage. You can’t …

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Feb 27

FRINGE 2017: A History of Early Blues – The Wheatsheaf Hotel – 4K


By Tom Eckert The award winning trio performing this show give the audience exactly as advertised. A meander through the various permutations of blues music with all the spirit and character that went into the original arrangements. Rather, as some musical shows are prone to do, than simply playing the repertoire; the group indulge in …

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Feb 25

FRINGE 2017: Little Death Club – The Black Forest – The Royal Croquet Club – 2K

Little death club

By Tom Eckert Little Death Club promises ” an hour of dangerously funny cabaret, sideshow and burlesque at its most inappropriate and hilarious best” and manages to hit all the marks except for that last one. In previous iterations, Dead Man Comedy has produced shows with the same leading woman that were charactersied by their …

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Feb 24

FRINGE 2017:A Burlesque Show: Badlands – The Governor Hindmarsh – 3K


By Tom Eckert A dystopic vision of a derelict post apocalyptic world. Badlands brings burlesque to sustainability, environmental catastrophe and what’s going to happen if we screw it all up. Camp comedy from sympathetically vitriolic MC creates a pleasantly jarring contrast with the images of environmental ruin that pervade the show and helps make otherwise …

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Feb 22

FRINGE 2017: Fuego Carnal – Empyrean – Gluttony – 4K


By Tom Eckert Fuego Carnal is a landscape of family friendly S&M undertones circus, Spanish accents and quite a lot of fire. Much like the stock examples of this type of show each performer appears to have a specialty that they perform for the crowd. many of these are very impressive but lose their awe-inspiring …

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Feb 22

FRINGE 2017: Clairy Browne – Spiegel Tent – The Garden of Unearthly Delights – 4K


By Tom Eckert Clairy Browne is an unapologetic thunderstorm of a vision straight out of an R&B fantasy. manifesting old styles from the golden years of the genre, she brings it into the 21st century on wings of what she’ll do to anyone who dares cross her. Right from the first beat she’s belting with …

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Feb 20

FRINGE 2017: The Run Down on the Runners Up – Nexus Arts Centre – 4K


by Tom Eckert As much music trivia as performance, Voice of Transition give the modern vocal treatment to some of the best second-best songs of the last thirty years (with a few throw ins from an earlier time.) Tight harmonies and impeccable balance characterise this group’s performance as well as an impressive dynamic range. Each …

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