FRINGE 2018 – Oriental Flair – Eastern Harps Meet Western Strings – Garage International – 4K

So, this show will be on a Saturday when the Adelaide Town Hall itself is not open. Don’t panic as you just need to know that the Garage International is located at the rear of the town hall itself, which can be accessed from Pirie Street.  The performance was held in a smaller venue which can mostly be beneficial in hearing the slightest sound.

There are things that many people enjoy equally— music and culture. Oriental Flair is a collaboration of cultural music. A talented ensemble will take you to a euphoric experience of classic compositions. It was enchanting to listen to the beautiful instruments of the east that jive smoothly with the western strings we’re familiar of.  Listening to classic Chinese music emphasized the eastern instruments, the Guzheng and Erhu. There was a good balance of the western and eastern style, even their positioning on the stage was probably thought of that way too.

The show went on for a good duration of about an hour, leaving you satisfied but at the same time wanting for a little bit more. That’s for you to decide. Altogether, this show is a must see (mostly hear). The ensemble are very talented and the music very soothing. The direction and arrangement effectively delivered the ‘east meets west’ concept. The next and only show left is going to be on the 3rd of March, so don’t miss out. A must-see (hear).


Kryztoff Rating: 4K




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