Mojito! is an entertaining fast-paced cabaret set in Cuba in 1959 on the eve of the Cuban Revolution. Songs from Spain, Cuba and Latin American countries are brought to life by an excellent 7 piece band consisting of trumpet, trombone, drums, congas, piano, bass and classical guitar.  The fabulous vocals are mainly provided by Nancy Ruth, Cynthia Madrid and Diana Scalza, with each of them having their own unique style. 

The action takes place in a bar called La Bodeguita Del Mar and the audience are welcomed by the somewhat dodgy owner Pepe (Christian Cifuentes). A fun storyline of rivalry ties the show together; rivalry between Spain & Cuba, between two of the women for the attentions of Pepe, and between members of the cast over a prize promised by patron Ernest Hemingway (Andrew Le Roy).

With touches of jazz and lots of flamenco, humour, a hint of politics, and mojitos available from the bar, the cabaret flowed smoothly. Alain Volodze playing flamenco guitar was sensational. The audience were encouraged to join in on choruses and to clap along with the rhythm and most were carried away by the vibrant and irresistible Latin music and dance. The one enthusiastic heckler was soon subdued by the pointed wit of Hemingway.

The Arkaba was the venue for the show during its Adelaide Fringe run. The troupe are now travelling to the Sutherland Entertainment Centre in Sydney. Hopefully they will return to us for more shows next year.

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