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scaled_Website_Hero_SquareBy Belle Dunning

The year is 1954, and you’re about to begin your training to become a Scientologist. Don’t think you have any problems in your life that need fixing? Don’t worry, you don’t know what’s wrong with you until Scientology tells you. And trust me, your personality test results will likely be the worst they’ve ever seen.

George Glass Comedy returns to the 2018 Adelaide Fringe to once again share with audiences their incredibly clever, sci-fi rock music exploration of the world’s most bizarre religion. As with George Glass’ previous creations, ‘Scientology the Musical’ will be unlike anything else you’ve seen. The cast of four — all genuinely musically talented — will enlighten you on some of the key principles, teachings and myths surrounding the world of Scientology, all through cleverly crafted and incredibly catchy songs. The opener, ‘It’s so hard being right all the time’, was a particular highlight.

The dialogue is fast-paced and witty, the energy is high and many of the ‘truth facts’ dropped will leave you genuinely concerned that people believe this stuff. The show very cleverly reveals the bizarre duality and inconsistencies of Scientology through the neurotic and confused musings of the characters themselves, who are — alongside you — on the endless journey to enlightenment.

Watching them push peanuts around on the floor with their noses and recite excerpts from Alice in Wonderland to gain favour (both apparently genuine occurrences aboard L Ron Hubbard’s ship back in the day), you realise how frighteningly gullible people can be when under the influence of a cultish figure. Yet at the same time, you can’t help but laugh.

On your journey you will learn that ‘things can be two things’, that hugging will fix everything and that a billion years isn’t enough when you’re waiting for the return of your leader (except when you run out of your abstinence pills).

Scientology the Musical is bizarre, intellectual and fantastically musical. If you like a healthy blend of religion, sci-fi and cynicism you won’t be disappointed — and for an affordable price, you too might be granted permission to open the carefully guarded briefcase of secrets, although it’s highly likely you’ll lose your mind.

Kryztoff Rating 4K

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