With their dialogue falling into sync with the pounding of their feet on a lonely road at night Steve and Mark discuss life and love. They are in training for the New York Marathon.
Brilliantly and convincingly brought to life by Ross Vosvotekas and Adam Cirillo who run for virtually the entire 55 minutes (they have been in training for over 4 months) Marathon is showing in the band room of the Crown and Anchor Hotel until March 18th.
The play opens with Steve lying on the ground, seemingly resting or asleep until Mark roughly rouses him. Steve complains that he is not fit enough to run today, that he has the flu. His friend Mark continues to drive him on.
As their run progresses one can start to sense that all may not be as it seems. The roles of the two runners become reversed with Steve now being the one to lead. Disorientation starts to set in and familiar landmarks are missed as a fog descends.
Highly recommended.
Note : Show contains coarse language and adult themes.
Written by Eduardo Erba and translated from the Italian by Colin Teevan.

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