FRINGE THEATRE – My Brain is a Dick – Tuxedo Cat – 2K

By Peter Maddern

Calixta Cheers has a mission – to take on those things that terrify her and in doing a fringe show she is attacking one of those she fears the most. Continually posing the question “how long do you pretend to do something before you are actually doing it” Cheers introduces Dylan Warren to make her point on a make shift set of drums and generally provide much needed comic relief.

While the social media age may have spawned a flurry of self-flagellating ‘look at me’ acts at this year’s Fringe and the ambition to take on one’s insecurities is admirable, it is quite a different thing to ask people to pay for your pleasure of doing it. This is especially so when the production is poorly rehearsed and the presenter cannot manage eye contact with her paying public.

Kryztoff Rating  2K

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