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FRINGE THEATRE – My Brain is a Dick – Tuxedo Cat – 2K

A personal project of no great merit. 2K

FRINGE 2017: THEATRE – Late: A Cowboy Song – Tuxedo cat – 4K

It’s likely that a pretty low percentage of people are still in a relationship with their childhood sweetheart fifteen, or twenty, years later. Mary and Crick are in that minority. They’ve been together since they were eight; an arrangement that seems to have been maintained by his utter bliss with his role as the stay-at-home …

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FRINGE COMEDY – Andrew Silverwood – Self Absorbed Tw*t – Tuxedo Cat – 2.5K

his routine was enjoyable, suitably wired, his material diverse (if not overly imaginative) and for someone prone to get restless the hour went without feeling an uncontrollable urge to check my phone. 2.5K

FRINGE 2016: THEATRE – The Ballad of Frank Allen – Tuxedo Cat – 5K

Frank Allen (Shane Adamczak), polite and amiable janitor, is paying less than adequate attention at work one night and manages to accidentally shrink himself. Somehow (Frank’s not really sure how, so neither are we) he ends up in the beard of Al (St John Cowcher), a minion at the dodgy burger joint next door, whose …

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FRINGE 2016: Mustardseed – 4.5K

By Amy Nancarrow. If you were to search the comedy section of the Fringe guide, you’d be hard pressed to find a show more original in its concept than Ryan Good’s hour-long bedtime story, Mustardseed. Set in the fantastic Tuxedo Cat venue, Mustardseed sets the audience up with beanbags and pillows whilst Good regales them …

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FRINGE 2016: THEATRE – Trampoline – Tuxedo Cat – 5K

Dreams are strange things; no-one really knows why we have them. Sometimes they’re hilarious, sometimes they’re terrifying, often they’re completely mundane. For Matt (Shane Adamczak), they’re the single most engrossing thing in his life. They permeate his day-to-day existence; making it hard for him to know what’s real and what’s not, impeding his ability to …

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FRINGE 2016: THEATRE – Moonlight After Midnight – Tuxedo Cat – 4K

A man sits in a hotel room, lost in thought. A woman enters; maybe she’s expected, maybe not. Maybe the two people know one another, maybe they don’t. Maybe this is the beginning of the story, maybe it’s the end, or maybe it’s the middle. This is a piece of theatre that requires its audience …

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FRINGE 2016: My Life as a Gay Bum – 2K

By Anthony Nguyen Set in the darkest of rooms illuminated only by the faint light of a single lamp, Peter Baecker stands in the middle of the small stage for his 2016 Adelaide Fringe one-man show titled My Life as a Gay Bum. Written, produced and performed by Baecker under the alias ‘nick42berlin’, the autobiographical …

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Fringe 2015: Calypso Nights – Tuxedo Cat – Perske Pavilion – 3K

Venezuelan DJ Juan Vesuvius (Barnie Duncan) finds himself discovering that his audience is not Spanish speaking after about 10minutes of dialogue. To his surprise they all speak English. Rewind. He has to start over in his broken English as he educates the audience about Calypso music with lots of comparisons to non Calypso music, just …

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FRINGE 2015 – Icarus Falling – Tuxedo Cat – 4K

Icarus Falling is powerful and compelling theatre. 4K