By Peter Maddern

The Weird Sisters have turned their attention this Fringe to the fate that social media is meant to have solved – loneliness. Carrie (Natalie Ann Jamieson) is 29 and with all her friends getting married and having babies and sans a steady finds her confidantes are limited to the two Christinas in her life – her goldfish and her gran (both played Elizabeth Edmonds).

The whole problem is laid bare when she needs to find someone to look after the fish while she heads for some swimming championships. Solutions are sought in the gym, friendship groups and the pub, all without success.

Jessica Palfrey’s play is entertaining and varied enough though many of the themes it starts developing (such as the swimming thing) seem to just die off. Carrie’s Australian friend is none too convincing as such with an accent as far away from Bondi Beach as I am here.

Notwithstanding, one shining light does emerge and that is of Ms Jamieson whose performance is of such sustained humour and quality that one can only ponder what much meatier roles she may also shine in; she is a delight to watch and see perform.

Kryztoff Rating   2.5K

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