THEATRE – How the Other Half Loves – Galleon – Domain Marion – 4K

By Peter Maddern

In its 50th year, the Galleon Theatre Group dishes up a delightful comedy about infidelity in the workplace. Alan Ayckbourn’s play takes place in two homes of less than domestic bliss with the absent minded Frank (Andrew Clark) wedded to the bored Fiona (Joanne St Clair) who has taken the fancy of the younger Bob (Andy Steuart) while his wife, Teresa, (Leanne Robinson) labours at home with their new born.

With Bob working with Frank, it is the new accountant, the dull William (Aled Proeve) and his even duller wife Mary (Britany Daw) who are used as the scapegoats when the night out on the tiles by Fiona and Bob raises questions at home.

What may be a routine set-up is made more deliciously complex with the setting in both couples’ homes interlocked on the stage and all players doing their stuff together though a day apart in time.

It is a complexity that Director, Warren McKenzie and his team manage admirably, not only seemingly making themselves transparent when necessary but making the most of the comic moments when switching in and out of the audience’s attention. Brittany Daw’s set design is ideal for the 1969 setting with nothing about the ‘both sides of the tracks’ decor seeming out of place.

Pretty hard to separate an excellent cast but Andrew Clark’s hare brained Frank perhaps stands out above all others.

This is great entertainment for an audience that seemed well stocked for post-show nibbles ad refreshments but everyone will feel welcome and go home much pleased for the evening at the Domain.

Kryztoff Rating   4K

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