DANCE – OZ ASIA – Dancing Grandmothers – Dunstan Playhouse – 3.5K

By Belle Dunning

Dancing Grandmothers is an energetic and creative demonstration of the modern Korean woman and Korea itself. Eun-Me Ahn (Korea) crafts a diverse program featuring a group of 10 dancers and 10 grandmothers, mixing traditional dance with modern electronic music, videography with real life, sporadic free-form movement with carefully choreographed precision.

High intensity movement to the point of exhaustion, pushed onwards by endless driving beats, seems to reflect the persistence, endurance and physical labour that has built modern Korea, at the hands of these woman who are now the grandmothers on stage.

Violent movement contrasts against exuberance, joy and gracefulness. Vivid clashing colours display a freedom and bring the personalities of the dancers to life. Despite the hard work and turmoil of their past, the love and pure happiness reflected in the faces of the grandmothers and dancers as they move on stage is what stays with you. 

Some sections of the piece do require a little patience as they continue a little longer than necessary, but the overall program is a diverse offering with something for everyone.

Dancing Grandmothers is a celebration of movement, laughter and human connection, with dance as the common language. If you’re after an energetic and uplifting night, this is one not to miss.

Kryztoff Rating 3.5K

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