MOJO JUJU – Native Tongue Tour


Live at JIVE  – Thursday 15th Nov 2018

Review by Gary Clarke                                                                                   5 Stars

As we entered Jive Nasty Mars, Mojo Juju’s support act was just winding up his set. Our eyes adjusted and we noticed the unmistakable profile of MJ herself. She was nonchalantly watching Nasty Mars while checking out the sound and ambience of the venue from the floor. My friend knows Mojo from the early days of’ her band The Snake Oil Merchants. Her son played musical saw and performed with them back in ’09.

Mojo is a rising star now it seems. After so much hard graft playing the traps all over the country for so many years, it is well deserved. But you are unlikely to find anyone more down to earth and grounded than her. We sauntered up and introduced ourselves…

Mojo tells us she is a little tired after a whirlwind start to her national tour in Victoria. Hard work and the prospect of tonight’s set, then off to WA and over to NSW on a tight schedule are probably taking their toll. And yet when Mojo and her band “T Bone” (her brother Steve) on drums and Yeo on Bass hit the stage they fire up with a vengeance from the get go. Opening with Mojo’s hot new single and the title track of her breakthrough new album “Native Tongue” Mojo doesn’t miss a beat. She hits the ground running, pouring her heart and soul and prolific voice into her performance. The 100 or so folks in Jive are transfixed. Mojo has got us under her spell.

The band moves into some heartfelt torch songs that cut through and the ambience shifts. The audience warms as folks start holding hands and moving closer, visibly displaying affection.

Mojo is not only a talented singer with a killer voice she is a clever, engaging and witty raconteur. One tale she deftly relates concerns her being seated on a flight in front of a mum and daughter who are discussing their dismay that they “can’t even say racist things anymore”. The audience laughs realising the direction this was going.. Suffice to say the misguided women received an erudite lecture on race politics to ponder over the 90 minute journey. As Mojo says “ Why should I feel uncomfortable because they are F*#king Stupid !! The audience heartily concurs.. and the band breaks into “Never Again”.

We get a solid hour or so of songs mainly from the new album including the brilliant Shut Your Mouth, 1000 years and History. Mojo is gracious and inclusive, acknowledging the contribution of everyone involved including the excellent mixing, the venue and friendly bar staff and all those that contributed to the album.. There are no encores, not because the audience wouldn’t have kept her there all night if they could but because Mojo gives her all, no frills, no BS just great music profound lyrics and a voice that takes no prisoners. This is a watershed moment for Mojo. And for the music industry. The album is nothing less than seminal. There has been a shift and Mojo is that shift. In her own words Never let anyone make you feel small, Speak up for those with no voice and don’t stand by when something is wrong. More power to your arm Mojo.

Review by

Gary Clarke 5 ***** stars !

There has been a shift and Mojo is that shift


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