FRINGE 2019 – LASER KIWI – Studio 7 @ GOUD – 3K

Laser Kiwi has returned for the 2019 Adelaide Fringe, bringing their unique brand of circus sketch comedy with them.

What should you expect? Spontaneous dance sketches like Aunty Donna? Check. Impressive circus acts? Check. Flight of the Conchords-eqsue awkwardness? Check. Jokes that were probably written by your dad? Oooh yes. Big check.

The show started with the trio handing out photocopied agendas of the night’s show. The cute kiwis were charming in their introductions and pretty much instantly likeable.

The quality of the jokes came in waves – peaks and troughs of genuine laughter and bits that may have gone on a little too long. The trio acknowledged the show was all about giving things a go – no joke was off the table – but of course this meant that some ‘dad jokes’ didn’t quite land.

The circus acts were fantastic and much better than I expected from such cute, goofy hosts. They started with their strongest trick that left you wanting more, and so by the end, I felt I hadn’t seen as much of the circus side as I would have liked. They were strongest in riffing off each other as they performed what they did best – be that juggling, balancing acts or aerial acrobatics. I would have loved to see more.

With some novel ideas (for example, we each got a “confetto” to throw and form a “confetti”) and a unique style, this group shows immense promise. They brought the goods, even with a fairly low energy Tuesday Night audience. Keep an eye on these guys – with some development this show could be a huge hit.


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