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Mar 16

Fringe Review – Anteworld – Holden St Theatres 4K

Anteworld is a unique and interesting play. A new work from Adelaide playwright, Mark Tripodi. The play focusses on the separation of Eurydice and Orpheus. Eurydice remains in Hades with Persephone, deciding whether it’s best to risk returning to her lover. A dark and intriguing play which demonstrates not only the playwrights enjoyment of Greek …

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Mar 11


A non-narrative experimental theatre event using film, performance, dance, live and recorded music, and creative set design.  Scenes were written by various groups of students using the theme of voyeurism as a cohesive link between the pieces. The audience were put in the position of being the watched as well as being the watchers, sometimes …

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Mar 11

FRINGE 2017: Scientology: The Musical – Warehouse at The Producers – 5K


By Tom Eckert From the creators of Abbott! The Musical, George Glass bring a new absurdist rock musical destined to inspire the same level of following as the name sake of their show show at its peak. Intelligent and satirical, Scientology: The Musical is characterised by songs that subvert Broadway to T.S. Eliot and manage …

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Mar 11

Attack of the Emotional Pygmies – Star Theatres – 4K

The Star Theatre was the perfect venue for this intimate play that portrayed a snapshot of a family dinner, myrred in disfunction. Attack of the Emotional Pygmies follows the struggle of Georgia as she struggles to inspire compassion in her husband, Alastair. We get a glimpse into the lives of Georgia and Alastair through the …

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Feb 28

Fringe Review – Bucks (Or a bag of (D*cks) – 4K

Bucks is a raw and emotional show. It portrays the multiple faces of Australian masculinity through it’s many characters, on stage and off, and discusses many of the issues of Australian rural life. The show follows Kyle, a young man returning to his home town for his wedding after living in Melbourne for multiple years. …

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Mar 04

FRINGE 2016 – Without a Hitchcock – 3.5K

By Julia Cudsi On the Fly Inc is an Adelaide improvisation troupe which has been making the rounds for the past few years, providing entertainment which is generally completely without a script and, well, on the fly. Although improv is a genre which best lends itself to hilarity, one of On the Fly’s Fringe 2016 …

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Feb 26

Fringe 2016: Nicole Henriksen is Makin it Rain – 4.5K

Makin it Rain is unlike any show you have seen before. An upfront and confronting look at the sex work and stripping industries in Australia interlaced with laugh out loud comedy and a frank discussion of a dancer’s portrayal in society. Nicole takes the audience on a journey through her life, a very personal and …

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Feb 25

Fringe 2016: Theatre – That Siege in Adelaide – The Bakehouse – 3.5K

‘That Siege in Adelaide’ is a farcical tale similar to those of Dario Fo. Over the top characters and witty commentary of the state government and media’s response to a ‘violent’ stand off. There were stand out performances from Todd Gray and Cassandra Scalzi, the two  journalists on the scene of the seige. Gray’s voice …

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Feb 19

FRINGE 2016: My Life as a Gay Bum – 2K


By Anthony Nguyen Set in the darkest of rooms illuminated only by the faint light of a single lamp, Peter Baecker stands in the middle of the small stage for his 2016 Adelaide Fringe one-man show titled My Life as a Gay Bum. Written, produced and performed by Baecker under the alias ‘nick42berlin’, the autobiographical …

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Feb 18



By Anthony Nguyen Based in Perth, Jeffrey Jay Fowler and Chris Isaacs debut at the 2016 Adelaide Fringe with their award-winning show FAG/STAG. Narrated separately between the two performers, the story tells of the troubled struggles of two best friends (gay and straight) from different and sometimes conflicting perspectives. As told through the eyes of …

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