Fringe 2019 – Double Denim: A Very Fancy Dinner Party – Cupola – 4K

In every comedy duo, there’s a straight man and a funny man. Double Denim – featuring Michelle Brasier and Laura Frew – is not every comedy duo. There is no straight man here; it’s just crazy and crazier.

Double Denim: A Very Fancy Dinner Party is a kooky parody of My Kitchen Rules, with the pair playing a host of characters including British Tourists, a bogan father and son and a pair of 20-something friends.

It’s quite hard to explain what to expect from a show like this: it’s sketch comedy, but also musical, but also just like… a shouting mess in the best way possible. And yes, there is a high stakes storyline, but no, you won’t need to follow it closely. 

The pair break into song at irregular intervals complete with choreography. Comedic musical numbers are usually divisive, but this pair have the audience looking forward to these tunes. These ladies are genuinely talented musicians who just happen to also be hilarious, and these songs were highlights of the show.

As a woman in her late 20s, my personal favourite was a song about just that – being a woman in her late 20s. In fact, any young Aussie with a quirky, absurd, Aunty Donna-esque sense of humour will love this show and the themes throughout. 

Michelle Brasier and Laura Frew are relatable, hilarious, talented and perfectly in sync. They have mastered the art of making a highly rehearsed and practiced show look effortless and casual. Check them out at the Garden of Unearthly Delights this week, or you may have to wait a whole year to see them again. 


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