Fringe 2019 – Bourgeois and Maurice – RCC Little Theatre – 4K

We are all going to die. So we might as well go out dancing to a disco beat, with this talented and charismatic (probably human) duo as our guides.

Bourgeois and Maurice, the upbeat dancer and the downbeat pianist, tell us that they are workshopping their next show and trying it out on us here in Adelady. They are searching for a formula that will pull the crowds and fill the theatres, and so they decide on a show about…death. A memento mori – a reflection on mortality.

And so, sequinned and spangle-clad, they launch into a repertoire of clever witty songs, dance and banter.
Maurice isn’t convinced that it will work – they may need to aim for something bigger, something more inclusive.
But it’s not ALL about death. They’ve just arrived from the UK (The Land of Uck) and they’ve written a new national anthem. And there are ideas for saving the planet – which don’t involve giving up sequins. And there’s lots of sex, oh and love, sort of.
At any rate, they discover the meaning of life – for themselves at least.

This is not a show for the easily offended. It contains strong sex themes and language, and plenty of death, bitchiness, subversive songs, and dance. And they’re not very nice about immigrants from the womb – whoops – I mean babies…

RCC Little Theatre until March 10th.

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