FRINGE 2019 – Circus & Physical Theatre – Railed – Gluttony – 4K

By Julia Cudsi

Regular readers of this blog will appreciate my preference for physical theatre and circus, especially of the adult variety.

“Railed”, brought to the Adelaide Fringe by The Head First Acrobats, certainly delivers on that brief by providing not only a high energy show but a clear narrative theme of the old-fashioned Western, complete with bawdy behaviour, brawling and boozing, interspersed with impressive physical and acrobatic feats. The concept of an ongoing theme in adult circus is a new and refreshing one, which contributes to a sense of audience involvement when you cannot help but feel invested in what is going to happen to these hapless ruffians.

If you like high levels of audience interaction, racy performances and death defying feats of amazing acrobatics, along with a good dose of slapstick laughter, then this is the show for you and all your (18+!) year old friends.





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