FRINGE 2019 – In Transience – 4K

by Riccardo Barone

“Enjoy some peaceful and gentle piano music”.

The Pianist and Composer Rich Batsford enriches the audience’s tranquillity with kind and simple chords softened by genuine melodies. Everything is In Transience, temporary, life’s unstoppable cycle, here and now, the present; and we want a nice present, free from any kind of pressure, free from the  “What’s gonna happen tomorrow” unanswered question, getting lost into a waterfall looking at the quiet soft clouds.

The concert is structured in three parts: an introduction, a group of four pieces and a finale which gives a really different color to the entire concert with its jazzy and involving resonance, sounding really like an Arrivederci, see you soon.

Rich Batsford is a clear ambassador of minimalism, a music language started by E. Satie at the beginning of the ‘900 and continued by composers like P. Glass, S. Reich, J. Adams, L. Einaudi, M. Nyman.

Kryztoff rating: 4k

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