CIRQUE DU SLAY – inSpace Niddry St – 4K

By Peter Maddern

This reviewer is not ordinarily a fan of drag shows – he just wonders why an audience would bother – but Cambridge Uni’s Dragtime presents something worth watching. From the moment the show’s MC, Persephone Porcelynn started her sharp-edged patter we are taken into a better world than the usual over sexualised gender bending. With cast names like Ding Frisbee, Velvet Caveat and Maria Von Snatch what wasn’t going to be enjoyed; some nice lip synced songs, some lovely self deprecations and the occasional serious message delivered great entertainment, sure to bring a smile and a laugh at the end of perhaps a long Fringe day.

Not sure where all this sits in the current world where attention is focused on CIS males and non binary whatevers but perhaps this is Cirque Du Slays’s true charm – everyone can just have fun with the whole performance without some very important overriding social statement, other than the one that needs to be acknowledged; that being, it takes no small amount of courage to do what these performers do. 

Leave your judgements and preconceptions about drag at the door and let Ms Porcelynn take control of your life for a terrific hour of entertainment.  I did and I was enriched for the experience.

Kryztoff Rating. 4K

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