Fringe 2020 – Circus and Physical Theatre – The Black Blues Brothers – Cornucopia at Gluttony – 3.5K

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By Ben Watson

Acrobatically brilliant, theatrically poor. This show will provide entertainment, their airborne potential is magnificent. Whilst jumping, flipping and tumbling they will also attempt many scenes of comedy, often missing the mark. An adolescent crowd can accept this level of clunky mime-orientated humour however anyone looking for a fair dinkum comedy should most definitely look elsewhere.

The daredevil crew save their vocal chords the hassle, allowing all other aspects of performance to do the real talking. ‘How on earth did they do that?’ – a recurring thought.  An amazing aspect of this show involves various human sculptures, expertly erected on the stage as if tanned chiselled bodies were going out of fashion. The Black Blues Brothers offer a superb display of raw strength and gymnastic prowess. As an average observer, the acrobatic routines from the five-man African team are unbelievable.

The overall performance lacks structure, however this does not really matter as the group rapidly rotates around the stage, perpetually diverting the audience’s attention. Several chairs amongst other props participate throughout the athletic display, you will question how these men perform hundreds of shows avoiding injury.

Any member of the family can enjoy this one; the youngsters will admire astonishing flips whilst the oldies comprehend a world where one-handed push-ups earns you a cheap laugh.

Kryztoff Rating 3.5K

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