FRINGE 2020: Cassie & The Lights – 4K – RCC Fringe

Patch of Blue Theatre is no stranger to the Adelaide Fringe, returning to RCC after their previous hit, We Live By The Sea. Writing theatre that is about those doing it tough, those with that little extra challenge, or developing understanding of others’ situations seems to be Patch of Blue’s strength, because Cassie & The Lights is a beautiful follow-up to their previous outing.

Cassie is looking after her younger sisters Tin and Kit after their mother fails to return when she goes off to buy them slushies at the local bowling alley. This isn’t anything new, but for the first time Cassie is unable to find her mother and drag her back. A loving and selfless by impoverished woman, Cassie attempts to care for her sisters herself in anticipation of her mother’s return. After a stint where Cassie attempts to make ends meet, the girls end up in foster care with a loving couple. As she attempts to win custody of the girls, Cassie starts to wonder if she’s really doing what’s right for her sisters, or herself.

Patch of Blue have created yet another beautiful piece of theatre. Cassie & The Lights is charming, clever, and heartwarming. The use of clever set pieces and live music works well, and when the cast break the fourth wall it keeps you grounded and centred in the room. Each of the actors do a fantastic job, bringing life and a sense of realism to their characters and their stories. A bout of audience participation in the middle of the show went on a touch too long, slowing the pace of the show, and it does break up the momentum that the show is building throughout its 70-minute run. However, the show is an engaging, touching piece of work that lives up to Patch of Blue’s excellent reputation.

Kryztoff Rating: 4K

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