FRINGE CIRCUS – L.I.A.R. – Life is a Rehearsal – Factory at the Garden – 4K

By Peter Maddern

Big circus or physical theatre shows are a popular staple of the modern day Fringe with attention now focused not so much on physical virtuosity but innovation – there are, let’s face it, only so many ways you can hul-a-hoop.

Strut and Fret are experts at shows like this and in the form of Remi Martin they have a new star to present to us. The partially clad Martin (he is French after all) is joined on stage by fellow high wire performers, American Mandi Orozco and Englishman Tom Ball and beating his box and, making the music, Tarran the Tailor from Canada.

While Martin is the star, there is great performing and personal chemistry on stage with Ball who, appearing as the goose, does get to show that he is every bit his star’s equal on technique and perhaps superior when it comes to comic timing. Tarran gives the show a pulsating vibe that keeps things rocking along.

Lots of invention to be enjoyed, with the wind storm scene a highlight and alone worth the price of admission.

Done well and staying clear of being just soft porn, these shows are great fun and always a highlight of the Fringe. L.I.A.R. adds to the list of memorable physical theatre acts of the past.

Kryztoff Rating 4K

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