FRINGE 2020: Friendly Feminism for the Mild Mannered – 5K – Gluttony

At the beginning of Friendly Feminism for the Mild Mannered, cabaret performer Millicent Sarre asks the audience to shout out any stereotypes of feminists – and feminism – that the audience can think of. “Man hater”, “no sense of humour”, and “hairy armpits” are all hurled towards the stage, and by the end of this delightful and poignant performance, Millicent has encouraged the audience to embrace the “angry” feminist within through songs that are personal, timely, and intelligent.

From toxic masculinity, to rape culture, to the ABCs of feminism, Millicent and her talented band – Kyrie, Jemma, and Dahlia, and not forgetting tech Maddie – weave their way through a range of current issues that face not only women, but those that are faced also by people in a range of other communities, keeping her show (and her feminism) intersectional at its core. Friendly Feminism is inclusive, thoughtful, and insightful. It approaches masculinity in a way that doesn’t exclude any group that has a stake in it (read: everyone). It will make you cry and make you laugh, all within the all-too-short run-time of 55 minutes.

Given the recent news this week with the murder of Hannah Clarke and her three children, Friendly Feminism is the Fringe show you need to see. Whether you’re a full-blown feminist or more of a mild-mannered ally, you’ll leave this show with hope in your heart, fire in your belly, and an understanding of the importance of checking whether someone really wants that cup of tea.

Kryztoff Rating: 5K

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