FRINGE CABARET – AMORE E MORTE – The Garage International at the Adelaide Town Hall 3.5K

By Fiona Talbot – Leigh

Amore e Morte is a daring new piece originally composed and performed by instrumentalist Riccardo Barone. He is now joined by Nikki Elli Souvertjis who wrote and performed the script through song.

Souvertjis has a lovely soprano voice and she sure can belt out a high note at times reminiscent of Ute Lemper. Sadly though her contribution was lost as she was relatively inaudible throughout the performance. Her words were drowned out by the piano and in the quieter moments, her diction just didn’t come through.

Riccardo however makes the simple keys of a piano tell a harrowing story and even though much of the story was lost throughout the performance through Souvertjis, Barone more than made up for it as one couldn’t help but get caught up by his passionate and majestic playing.

Barone is an incredibly accomplished composer and pianist and for the entire 60 minutes, he plays with no sheet music. Throughout the performance he was able to convey such passion and his playing alone, told a story.

There were a couple of highlights throughout; one being the clever use of a typewriter in one song where Souvertjis tapped out her angst as perfect accompaniment to Barone.

The other was not only listening to but watching Barone playing the Melodica with his right hand and the piano in his left; a fabulous combination that worked extremely well.

There is real potential in this piece; it just needs a little more light and shade. It is simple, minimalistic, beautiful, experimental and very passionate. Barone bears his very heart and soul when he performs and dares to invite you in and this is what performance art is all about.


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