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FESTIVAL OF ARTS: The Galileo Project – Music – Town Hall – 4.5K

The Galileo Project combines wonderful music performed by accomplished musicians with interesting historical information and awe-inspiring astronomical imagery, all presented in a novel and accessible manner. This is an engaging way to experience classical music. 4.5K

FRINGE: One Flesh – Theatre – Town Hall – 3K

With the portrayal of the younger generations in the media tending to focus on those getting into trouble, drinking and being promiscuous, it’s sometimes easy to forget that there are swathes of young adults making very different life choices. To see these people represented on-stage is even rarer. This is an original and insightful play from Macharne Cloughley. 3K

FRINGE – Legacy of the Tiger Mother – Adelaide Town Hall, David Spence Room – 5K

Get Ready for Tough Love, Asian style! and be prepared for some reverse racism. “Few musical theatre works engage the modern Asian immigrant experience,” notes co- creator Angela Chan, a third generation Chinese American and professional pianist.  “I wanted to create a piece that was inspired by my own childhood and spoke directly to Asians, …

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FRINGE – Comedy – Sexytime – Adelaide Town Hall – 3K

This is not high-brow humour – the tone is somewhat close to that of a Will Ferrell movie – though that’s not to say that some aspects of the show aren’t clever. It’s certainly an original idea and is carried off well by the performers. 3K

FRINGE – Theatre – The Interminable Suicide of Gregory Church – Adelaide Town Hall – 4.5K

This is a compelling show. It is a drama with no more plotline than one man’s ordinary life and another’s effort to learn from, and understand, it. It is also a very funny and uplifting experience, with Kitson’s wonderful comic ability shining throughout his telling of the story. 4.5K