FRINGE CABARET – He’s Every Woman – Gluttony – Masonic Lodge – Owl Room – 4K

By Fiona Talbot – Leigh

 Justin Clausen more than lives up to the title of his exceptional show; He’s every woman. Joined by the incredibly talented Jamie Burgess, this show is one of those hidden gems that you will find this fringe. Hailing from Melbourne, these two talented performers have come together to create a fabulous show which hooks from start to finish.

Cutting a very fine figure in tight black pants, killer heels and sparkling top, Justin began the show with a very rousing rendition of Tina Turner’s River Deep Mountain High and from that fantastic start, things continued on as such throughout the evening.

His vocal range is incredible and add to that the most exquisite tone; makes him a voice to seek out and know. The way he holds himself demands a quiet respect and I could see this talented performer would be right at home on the Broadway Stage.

Justin has a golden voice that can reach great heights. His unique and dulcet tones shined through in each number he performed. As well as being completely competent vocally, he injected such warmth and passion into each song that had me in tears on more than one occasion; such is his ability to reach out and connect with all there.

To put it plainly, Justin is simply divine and added to all of this musical talent is his wonderful sense of humour, comic timing and some of the best celebrity impersonations that I’ve seen. (To see and especially hear him as Cher is worth the ticket price itself.) The audience got but a glimpse of these impressions which had us awaiting more.

Being Justin’s best friend, Jamie’s presence in the show was the underlining pin that kept things moving and his harmonies on the night were just sublime. I thought that I had seen all that this incredibly talented man had to offer in past shows but I was wrong; like Justin, his talent knows no boundaries.

There is plenty of light and shade throughout the performance with poignant moments dotted throughout the fun. Being close friends, means that there is wonderful rapport between Justin and Jamie and they can work an audience like nobody’s business. Speaking of which, this show deserves a large audience and I feel it won’t be long before Justin Clausen becomes a household name. So get out and see him, while you can still afford to.


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