Fringe 2020 – Ashley Hribar plays Dr Caligari: musical rebirth of a silent film legend – 3K

by Riccardo Barone

Silent movies are an outstanding canvas on which composers and musicians free their creative flow, using all available and possible tools, expressing their unique and personal language and style, strictly connected to images, depending on synopsis and scenarios.
Ashley Hribar is a brilliant Composer and Pianist, with an impressive piano technique and composition skills.
His piano is clean, clear, and midi connected and amplified in and out. Next to it a Moog DFAM Drum Machine implements the performance. The resulting general sound is an interesting electro-acoustic texture, having the impression of a Piano Concerto. Some little live percussions enhance the performance, with the support of bells and egg shakers.
Ashley Hribar prefers to focus on “what’s happening on the scene” rather than creating rhapsodyc leitmotivs and reoccurring themes, choosing to comment rather than to observe, to describe with realism rather than with introspection; indeed he needed to play pre-recorded sound effects like voices of people or soundscapes.
The show went for more than 75 minutes.

Kryztoff rating: 3k

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