Fringe 2020 : The Wild Side : RCC The Attic : 4K

The Attic at RCC becomes part of the 1970s New York City underground scene thanks to a cool (and only slightly mellowed) Lou Reed and his hard rocking punk band who take us on a wild and sexy ride through the songs of Reed’s iconic solo album Transformer.

Multi-talented British comedian, actor and drag queen Jonny Woo tells the stories of the people, the time, and the place to put the words and music of Reed’s iconic solo album Transformer into context. This is not a mere tribute show (an idea which I think Reed would probably have been appalled by) but more a celebration of the man and his music, and of the dynamism of the times.

We meet Andy Warhol and the very beautiful Candy Darling who surprises us with a very casually performed striptease. Valerie Solanas delivers a tirade from her SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) Manifesto. Even David Bowie makes a brief appearance and we are treated to a short and sweet rendition of Space Oddity. With wit and humanity Reed has the chance to give a final performance and to honour those he knew and loved.

Vicious, Satellite of love, Hanging Round and, of course, Perfect Day were all performed and enjoyed. The energy remained high throughout with great contributions from all cast members who seemed to enjoy the show as much as the diverse and appreciative audience did. This is a show made for dancing but we were content to bop along in our seats until encouraged to our feet for the last song of the night. Almost the entire audience jumped up and worked off some of their pent-up enthusiasm.

This is an uplifting and entertaining show sure to be enjoyed by fans and newcomers alike.

The Attic RCC until March 15th. 4K (Language & nudity advice)

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