Fringe 2020 – Adam Page SOLO – The Wheatsheaf Hotel – 5K

I had never heard of Adam Page until a superfan showed me his YouTube videos, conveniently just before Fringe time so that I could capitalise on my newfound fandom by attending not one, but two of his shows.

Sadly, at the beginning of his SOLO show Adam made the fairly devastating announcement that he had decided to stop doing his fully improvised show for a while because, in his own words, he wanted to make normal music that played for three minutes rather than each song taking 20 minutes. And, true to form, his entire 60 minute plus set had only about four or five pieces in it – each of them a masterpiece of creativity.

From the ‘name song’ (where he randomly picked out a member of the audience and used her name to craft a catchy song) to a Beverly Hills-copesque song cleverly incorporating the sound of the planes flying overheard, Adam dazzled the audience by creating beautiful pieces using only a loop machine, some brass instruments, a keyboard and some percussive instruments. Apart from simply marvelling at Adam’s sheer talent, and his ability to just make things up as he goes, the best thing about his shows is the obvious delight he takes in performing and sharing his music.

Although Adam’s season at the Adelaide Fringe has ended for 2020, his show is an absolute must-see. Make sure you get in early for your 2021 tickets.


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