FRINGE 2021: The Bakers – The Mill – 5K

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Allons-y! We’re off La Boulangerie de Gustav (which coincidentally resides in The Mill on Angas Street), a French bakery run by Gustav himself along with his two hapless sons, Jean-Pierre and Jean-Claude. Flour will fly, cigarettes are smoked, and you better duck before the deadly slices of bread get smack you right on your forehead.

The Bakers is the latest brainchild of Threebloomers, whose (equally excellent) previous work Scotland! put them on the map in Adelaide from 2019. Known for a participatory style and the highest energy of any troupe you’ll see, Sam, Oliver and Jonathan from The Latebloomers present an hour of hilarity, baked to perfection.

In a show of minimal dialogue, the three bakers present a convincing world using physical theatre, mime and clowning. With the overdue notices coming in and the debts piling up, Gustav finds that his business mantra of “hands, heart, home” may not save him this time. With his two sons – who often vie for their father’s approval – having different ideas of what will bring success, the bakery stares down the barrel of closure.

That may sound heavy, but the Latebloomers breathe life and laughter into this story. Be warned, there is audience participation, so if that isn’t your thing I’d recommend sitting this one out (not even sitting in the middle of the row will save you here). But it’s worth just leaning into it – the more you do, the more fun you’ll have. And yes, there’s sanitiser at the ready for those that get dragged on stage.

This is a must-see this Fringe, especially if you missed Scotland! when it was here. It’s something that (almost) the whole family can enjoy (recommended for kids 10 and up, be warned of a couple of obscene hand gestures), and is a fun-filled pick-me-up after a much needed tough year.

Kryztoff Rating: 5K

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