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Fringe 2018: Betty Grumble: Love and Anger – 4.5K, GOUD


How to describe Betty Grumble: Love and Anger? Here’s a few buzzwords: controversial, inspiring, confronting, hilarious, thought-provoking, sexual, opinionated, and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Betty is inspired by Valerie Solanis’ Scum Manifesto, and weaves her way through cabaret, poetry, comedy, and even art. Not for the faint-of-heart, you’ll see every inch of Betty’s …

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Fringe 2018: Shitfaced Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet – 5K, Gluttony


One iconic play. Five actors. A shit-ton of booze. Shitfaced Shakespeare might be exactly as it says on the tin, but that doesn’t mean its unimaginative. A fantastic mix of improvisation, constructed comedy, and theatre, this production of Romeo and Juliet is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. On this particular night, Romeo was the intoxicated …

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Fringe 2018: James Donald Forbes McCann: McCann-dle in the Wind – 4.5K, Raj House


James McCann tackles everything from Catholicism, to sex clowns, to call centres (or, as he terms them, ‘hope graveyards’) in his new show, “James Donald Forbes McCann: McCann-dle in the Wind”. A favourite in Adelaide’s comedy scene, McCann doesn’t hold back as he dissects his upcoming marriage, his previous (depressing) work history, and the newly-found …

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Fringe 2018: Undercover Refugee – 4K – The Producers


Sit back as Karen and David take you through a lighthearted, yet very real, tale of Karen’s work with Syrian refugees in Lesbos, and in transit across Europe into Germany. Part theatre, part comedy, Karen weaves a tale of the social media obsessed volunteers, kindhearted refugees, mafia bosses, and sleazy and racist policemen that she …

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Fringe 2018: GINGZILLA: Glamonster VS The World – 4.5K – Gluttony


Gingzilla is THE Glamonster. 7ft tall, Gingzilla is unleashed upon the world after putting up with too much of the patriarchy. Armed with a powerhouse voice, a killer wardrobe, and the most amazing pair of heels you’ve ever seen, Gingzilla gets her revenge on those that would keep her from being her most glamourous self. Firstly, …

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FRINGE 2018 – Marcel Blanch-de-Wilt: Love and Cordial – 4K – The Producers


There’s one word to describe Marcel Blanch-de-Wilt’s show Love and Cordial: sweet. Detailing the story of how he met his wife, Marcel weaves a journey of self-discovery, love, misery, and life’s ups and downs whilst he was getting $1 movies, letting go of his NIDA dreams, and writing punny copy for a cordial company. As the Venue …

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FRINGE 2017 – Delia Obst – 4K – Chateau Apollo


Delia Obst, an Adelaide-based folk singer, brought her whimsical talents to Frome Street’s Chateau Apollo for the Adelaide Fringe. Presented by The Porch Sessions, this performance was very much in the same vein; Persian rugs adorned the floor, relaxed musicians take the stage, surrounded by nature and the hip surrounds of Roxie’s next door. Whilst …

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Fringe 2018 – We Are Ian – 4.5K – Gluttony


Nora, Dora, and Kat are three of the best physical comedians you’ll see this Fringe. The three women weren’t around in 1989, the year of partying, defying Thatcher, necking brown biscuits and dancing until your feet bleed, but Ian was – and he’s going to take them back in time to show them how to …

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Fringe 2018 – Bad [w]Omen: Mirrors – 3K – The Producers


Bad [w]Omen, a sketch comedy trio consisting of Rosie, Chloe, and Jennie from the UK, are taking on feminist comedy one Phil Collins-related-skit at a time. The Bad [w]Omen are sent by their sleazy boss Dave to find his ‘vibes’ (Dave is every bit as creepy as he sounds). Along the way, they receive life …

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Fringe 2018: Garry Starr Performs Everything – 5K – The Producers


By Amy. I can’t say I was expecting much of Garry’s show when I walked into the Warehouse at the Producers, but I can say that categorically it is the funniest show I’ve seen at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe. Garry Starr decides that theatre is dying, and its his job to save it. Performing everything …

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