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Mar 16

Fringe Review – Cull – RCC 4K


Social media is ever present and ever at hand in the 21st century and Patrick Durnan Silva and Honor Wolff from The Very Good Looking Initiative bring this right to the front of mind. Two good friends, deciding that their social media presence is overwhelming decide to cull some of their activities. As the show progresses …

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Mar 14

FRINGE 2017 – Trainspotting Live – 4K


I’ve always had a mixed relationship with Trainspotting. Having seen the movie several times, I often waver between thinking that the film is either: a) a cult classic and searingly honest view into the life of addiction, and b) seeing it simply as a bunch of selfish people destroying their lives and the lives of …

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Mar 14

FRINGE 2017 – We Live By The Sea – 5K


If you’re looking for a unique, moving, and uplifting Fringe experience, then We Live By The Sea is the show for you. Katy, a fifteen-year-old girl who is on the autism spectrum, is cared for by her elder sister, Hannah. Her only friend is Paul Williams, her imaginary dog, the only thing that manages to …

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Mar 13

FRINGE 2017 – Wicked Wizards from the East – 3.5K


All of the Wicked Wizards from the East are bucking against stereotypes: all of the magicians claim that despite being expected to become doctors, accountant, and lawyers, they decided to become performers, much to their parents’ chagrin. The magicians stick to this theme throughout their performance, which includes a lot of genuinely mind-boggling slight-of-hand magic …

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Mar 10

FRINGE 2017 – Dave Callan: Every Video Clip Ever – 3.5K


Dave Callan, well-known Australian comedian, one-time Rove Live panellist and Triple J host, takes on the challenge of recreating countless famous video clips throughout history. Joined by some audio-visual help and a couple of back-up dancers, Callan’s energy doesn’t let up for the hour-long tribute to the classics. He works through over thirty years of famous video …

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Mar 05

FRINGE 2017 – Zach Zucker: Human Person – 4.5K


Zach Zucker, the ‘Zach’ half of 2017 Fringe comedy hit – and winner of the coveted weekly Fringe award for Best Comedy – “Zach and Viggo: Thunderflop” also brings his excellent solo show Human Person to this year’s Fringe Festival. Human Person sees Zach experimenting with a range of ridiculous and hilarious characters, including the recurring “Theatre …

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Mar 04

FRINGE 2017 – The Paris Underground Cabaret – 3K


The Paris Underground Cabaret sticks to its theme – parisian music, an emcee with a thick french accent, and costumes that consist of striped tops, red berets, and monochrome everything. There are acts in the catacombs of the City of Light, and war-time lovers dance forlornly. The problem with being a cabaret act at the …

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Mar 03

FRINGE 2017 – Adventure Rooms: Gaol Break – 4K


This is the second escape room that I’ve done at this year’s Fringe, so it’s hard to say much about Gaol Break without giving too much away or repeating myself from the previous session I did at Adelaide’s other escape room venue, Escape Hunt. Instead, I’ll just say that if you’re looking for an awesome time …

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Feb 25

FRINGE 2017 – Prohibition – Gluttony – 4K


As soon as you enter the Speakeasy in Gluttony, you’re told that you’ve gone back into time to Paddy’s in 1930s prohibition era Chicago. You’re introduced to a range of characters, each bringing their own comedic, sultry elements to the party. With a mixture of acrobatics, magic tricks, cabaret, and stand up, Prohibition has something …

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Feb 24

FRINGE 2017 – James Donald Forbes McCann: Deplorable – 4.5K


James McCann is a talented man. He was the youngest RAW Comedy winner ever, and in 2016 he won SA Comedy’s ‘Jester’s Jester’ award, which saw him voted the best SA comic, as chosen by his peers. After his previous hit comedies Nunopoly, its sequel, Nunopoly 2 : Mo Nun, Mo Nopoly, Wolf Creek the Musical, …

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