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FRINGE 2020: Passengers – RCC – 4K

What happens when a mind tries to protect itself from the horrors it’s seen and endured? The answer – sometimes – is the subject of Passengers, an experimental physical theatre piece from UK-based company Vacuum Theatre. Max wants to tell you his story. And so we hear it – through three of his personalities, each with …

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FRINGE 2020: Shit-Faced Shakespeare: Hamlet – Gluttony – 4.5K

Every Fringe experience should include a session of Shit-Faced Shakespeare. The concept is simple: bring together a group of classically-trained actors, give them a Shakespeare play, get one of them drunk, and see what happens. This time, it’s Hamlet, and whilst we get to the end of the famous work, it’s definitely not the most …

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FRINGE 2020: Gobby – Gluttony – 4K

In Britain, a ‘gobby’ is a loudmouth, someone who talks – a lot. Bri has been a gobby her whole life, and never found standing up for herself an issue. Next thing she knows, she’s in an emotionally abusive relationship with someone who isolates her from her friends and makes her feel at her lowest. …

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FRINGE 2020: YUCK Circus – Gluttony – 4.5K

Trying to think of a word to describe YUCK Circus, I continually came back to one simple one: fun. This show is complete, total, fun. It’s hilarious, ridiculous, unadulterated fun. This talented group of circus performers from Western Australia have created a show that skewers the status quo, not just of circus, but in society …

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FRINGE 2020: HarleQueen – The Mill – 3.5K

Comedian Abby Howells takes you on a journey through history, looking at some of the world’s funniest, most successful, and often forgotten women. From a film star of the 1900s that was Charlie Chaplin’s mentor, to famous comedian-turned-reality-star Joan Rivers, we learn about these women and their talents, before understanding that, unsurprisingly, they end up …

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FRINGE 2020: A Simple Space – Gluttony – 5K

Local troupe Gravity and Other Myths (GOM) are one of SA’s biggest performing arts exports, having performed this very show, A Simple Space, in over 30 countries worldwide. Bringing the production back to Adelaide Fringe in 2020, I wondered what GOM would bring to the table considering they – and A Simple Space – have been well-known …

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FRINGE 2020: Friendly Feminism for the Mild Mannered – 5K – Gluttony

At the beginning of Friendly Feminism for the Mild Mannered, cabaret performer Millicent Sarre asks the audience to shout out any stereotypes of feminists – and feminism – that the audience can think of. “Man hater”, “no sense of humour”, and “hairy armpits” are all hurled towards the stage, and by the end of this delightful …

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FRINGE 2020: Josephine – 4.5K – Black Box Theatre at Noel Lothian Hall

Josephine Baker was a unique woman – once the most famous entertainer in the world, Baker later became a French Resistance spy during WWII, a civil rights activist in her native USA, and went on to adopt 12 children, at one time living with all of them in Princess Grace of Monaco’s personal villa. Baker …

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FRINGE 2020: Cassie & The Lights – 4K – RCC Fringe

Patch of Blue Theatre is no stranger to the Adelaide Fringe, returning to RCC after their previous hit, We Live By The Sea. Writing theatre that is about those doing it tough, those with that little extra challenge, or developing understanding of others’ situations seems to be Patch of Blue’s strength, because Cassie & The Lights is a beautiful …

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FRINGE 2020 – Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster – 5K – RCC Fringe

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein gets a make-over complete with soaring vocals, a 21st century twist, and the UK’s best beat-boxer to boot. The show poses the question: who are the monsters in this world, and who’s (or what’s) to blame for their creation? The talented BAC Beatbox Academy from London have brought their fantastic show to the Adelaide …

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