ALDFRINGE2021 – Petit Circus: Bon Appetit – The Peacock @ Gluttony – 4.5K

This is another amazing circus show that comes to the Fringe every year: but this year, Petit Circus: Bon Appetit has been served up with a bit of a twist. As the name suggests, this circus trio’s performance is set entirely within a restaurant kitchen, big-top style, and includes a world-renowned chef, a hapless but helpful head waiter and the restaurant’s owner, Jane.

Of all of the kids’ circuses and shows that I have seen, this is probably the most seamless and professional, and features truly amazing stunts including fire juggling, tightrope walking (and juggling), musical acrobatics (yes, it’s a very impressive thing that features a trapeze and a ukulele) and my all-time favourite, aerobatic silks – to name only a few.

A quick look around at the audience confirmed my suspicions that the adults were enjoying the show just as much as the kids. In truth, I’d probably go and see this by myself, such is the level of acrobatic mastery and genuine entertainment.

If you have kids, like kids or were once a kid, this show is a total must-see.



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