ADLFRINGE2021 – CIRCUS – The Flamingo @ Gluttony – 4K

I love a good circus (who doesn’t). If a circus does what it is supposed to do, there is a guaranteed amount of acrobatics, clowning, magic and general mayhem.

CIRCUS, presented by Showmen Productions, certainly doesn’t disappoint, even featuring an old-fashioned ringmaster with a top hat and tails (ambitious for Adelaide’s March weather, if you ask me). I have seen this show previously, and there aren’t very many new additions in 2021 – not that this matters at all, because the kids were enthralled regardless and clearly would have happily finished the show and walked right back in to watch it again.

Between the acrobatic dancers, mysterious magician, stuntman (probably my favourite part of the show – I just don’t know how he doesn’t fall to his death, or at the very least to a broken collarbone) and hapless clown, this show is just good old-fashioned circus fun for the kids.

I would recommend this show for ages 3 up. Be aware that stage management for this show has asked for a spare seat to be left between each family member, so if you have a particularly young child be forewarned that you may need to negotiate this.

CIRCUS is another excellent feature of the Fringe lineup. I can’t wait to see it again next year.



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