By Fiona Talbot-Leigh

After their successful premiere at the Adelaide Fringe earlier this year, Emma Knights and Megan Doherty knew that they were onto something good with their show ‘Life according to Kate’ and thankfully made the decision to perform it as part of this year’s Cabaret Fringe Festival.

Under a canopy of chandeliers and fairly lit vines at The Jade, an introduction to Kate Miller-Heidke was made. For those who don’t know her, Miller-Heidke is an Australian singer songwriter and actress who although classically trained has made a career in alternative pop music. The latter suiting Knights to a tee as she only just recently completed a ‘Pop’ course after being classically trained herself.

Doherty and Knights have been friends as well as musical comrades for years and it shows. There is effortless banter between their very well thought out program of Miller-Heidke’s vast repertoire of songs. I applaud their decision to branch out further since the premiere by adding two very talented musicians to the mix; Brody Green on drums and vocals and Cameron Oosterbaan on bass.

The choice of songs were as diverse as Miller-Heidke herself with Doherty hitting the high notes with ease and absolutely slaying the audience with her vocals in others. She flitted from ‘ocker’ to opera, classical to pop with a mix of contemporary in-between. It was also nice to hear Knights adding her vocals to the mix to show she is not just a keyboard player and Green’s vocals in the comic Christmas number were a force to be reckoned with.

Unfortunately Doherty remained in the shadows of an otherwise well mixed show by Peter Fitzsimmonds; her face like her voice deserves to be in the spotlight. This oversight however didn’t detract from an otherwise fabulous show.

If you are unaware as to who Kate Miller-Heidke is then may I suggest an evening with Doherty and Knights as their introduction to her will have you wanting to know more.

This is a truly unique and beautiful cabaret piece, showcasing one of Australia’s most accomplished performers by two of Adelaide’s best.


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