LITTLE MAN a love letter from a 90’s kid-Nexus Arts -3.5K

By Fiona Talbot – Leigh

Nexus Arts was filled to capacity for the premiere of Little Man –a love letter from a 90’s kid. Written and created by BJ Shaw, this cabaret show is that of love, loss and all things Spice Girls. Cleverly put together and under the direction of Catherine Campbell, Shaw takes us on a no holds barred tour through some of the most intimate moments in their young life.

Shaw’s training and experience is vast and together with musical director Mat Morison, Little Man makes for a very enjoyable and personal show.

Shaw was warmly welcomed onto stage and from the get go, they had the audience eating out of their hand. Shaw is a very open, honest and gracious performer whose connection with the audience was so vast that the evening felt more like an intimate cabaret club rather than that of a large theatre space. Shaw is a very inclusive performer who draws people in with their story telling and voice.

They express themselves through song wearing their heart on their sleeve; sharing those intimate moments beautifully. A highlight being the numbers where Shaw accompanied themselves on the grand piano, singing those songs originally penned by them. Of these it was ‘The Painter’ written for Shaw’s late father that I found to be particularly poignant.

Shaw is someone who is very comfortable in their own skin. They were a delight to witness and interspersed within their warm and rich vocals was a wonderful sense of humour.

Little Man makes you think, feel and laugh out loud. What more could you ask for on a good night out.

Kryztoff Rating: 3.5K


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