FRINGE – Tommy Little – A Fistful of Apologies – The Garden – Spare Room – 3K

If all the Fringe means to you is comedy shows at the Garden, then you could do a lot worse that Tommy Little. The instantly likeable and engaging 26 year old Little takes you on a tour of his world, from the gym to Facebook via lessons on life like the realities of everything we do (the search for ‘showing bits’) and have always done and the dawning on us of the foibles of our parents.

He wants to be rich and famous and otherwise the extent of the subject matter is pretty much as you would expect from a white, middle class, middle twenties, single guy – no great advances on the world around us there, though the social comment around Penny Wong and gay marriage all got a little confused and bit out of place.

But heck, he’s good looking, happy, confident and he makes you laugh. Have a few drinks before the show and you would leave a very happy vegemite (but not in the Kevin Rudd style.)

Kryztoff Rating  3K

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