FRINGE – Shaggers – Austral – 2.5K

In response to the ‘official’ view of what is funny at the Edinburgh Fringe, Nik Coppin devised his own show where people could just laugh without worrying whether they were allowed to.

Now, he has brought it to Adelaide and the Austral as part of his Laughing Horse Comedy entourage of British acts for the Fringe. Trouble is, apart from personal taste, no one here has yet dared to ordain what is right and proper at our Fringe.

So lacking that rebellious edge (and who can claim one of interest when the events in Canberra are presently playing out at a razor sharp rate), Shaggers is like any of the other late night gigs where other comedians appearing elsewhere come in, crap on for 10 minutes and then depart.

Tommy Little (reviewed elsewhere) and Gareth Berliner (appearing at Gluttony) were the highlights on Saturday night for a sparse crowd, populated it seemed by long standing couples.

As the title would suggest, Shaggers is meant to be a show with lots of jokes about shagging – the show comes with its own bright red t-shirt with two pandas at work emblazoned on it. (There are prizes for entering a competition for going along!) Tommy offered little on that front and Gareth took to making dwarf jokes about his wife.

If you have had a few at the Austral and looking for a last show before going home (may be for some shagging), then Shaggers could round off your night. As a special occasion, much better is on offer.

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